Varius World Tech ICO

The Future of Online Gaming

The opportunity

By offering Blockchain technology exclusively for the online gaming industry, the odds are firmly in our favour.

We’re ahead of the game because we’re using Blockchain to disrupt the global online gaming industry, currently valued in excess of USD 480 billion annually. Our VWT protocol will redefine the way online casinos interactwith their clients, by creating a decentralised ecosystem that makes transactions faster, safer and more cost-effective.

There are now no limits to what the online gaming world can achieve.

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We’re streamlining the online gaming industry, making it faster, fairer, more democratic and more trustworthy for all.

Using Blockchain to create a decentralised public system solves many of the challenges developers face with existing architecture. Building our own bespoke protocol means we’re disrupting the entire online gaming market.

  • Timely.

    Our bespoke protocol can handle up to 50,000 online gaming transactions per second.

  • Transparent.

    Smart contracts minimise the risk of money laundering or third-party data breaches, putting control back in the hands of users and developers.

  • Trusted.

    Our Blockchain technology delivers pseudo-anonymous transactions and total privacy for users, without compromising on the factors they demand: security, reliability and trust. For the committed gamer, we offer complete discretion: the only visible transaction is an investment in a stable cryptocurrency


An entire online gaming ecosystem, where everyone wins

  • Investors

    The opportunity to disrupt and own a slice of the highly competitive and profitable online gaming industry, by investing in a premium brand with a reputation for state-of-the-art innovation, transparency and flair.

  • Developers

    Our out-of-the-box software suite will give you everything you need to build your own online casino. We’ll help create an outstanding user experience that offers transaction speeds far beyond anything available from ethereum-based platforms.

  • Players

    At last, online gamers get reassurance that the online casinos they choose are trusted and transparent. Plus, their tokens can be moved to different casinos at will, free of charge, and they get the added benefit of owning an exclusive and much sought-after cryptocurrency.

Token Sale Information

We’re on our way to becoming the innovation and technology partner of choice for the entire online gaming industry. You’re invited to be part of this revolution.

  • From01 Sept 2018
  • To01 Oct 2018
  • Bonus/Discount Rate30%
  • Token Price1.00
  • Minimum Contribution£10K
  • Maximum Contribution£1M

Private sale

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  • From01 Sept 2019
  • To01 Oct 2019
  • Bonus/Discount Rate30%
  • Token Price1.00
  • Minimum Contribution£10K
  • Maximum Contribution£1M

Pre sale

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  • From01 Sept 2020
  • To01 Oct 2020
  • Bonus/Discount Rate30%
  • Token Price1.00
  • Minimum Contribution£10K
  • Maximum Contribution£1M

Public sale

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Token Distribution

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  • Token sale26%
  • Advisors10%
  • Community building15%
  • Foundation29%
  • Team and angel20%

Funds allocation

  • Token sale26%
  • Advisors10%
  • Community building15%
  • Foundation29%
  • Team and angel20%

Meet the team behind VWT


Discover the VWT ecosystem for yourself

We’re hosting events all over the world to demonstrate how our technology will revolutionise the online gambling industry.

Later this year

Want us to participate in your next event?

We’re currently taking global bookings for guest speaker slots, conferences and exhibitions. Get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss how we can add value to your event.

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New possibilities

Develop and launch your own online casino, at a fraction of the cost.

VWT is partnering with clients looking to start their own online casino, by offering them a bespoke Blockchain protocol and industry-specific software-as-a-service. The result is a highly valuable software suite, encompassing all the technologies clients need to launch an online casino, at a fraction of traditional online start-up costs.

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The Software Suite.

Everything needed to create an online gaming platform, including a bespoke protocol, front-end software, back-end software and crypto-wallet.

    VoX Wallet

    1. The link between our Blockchain casino network and ‘off-chain’ casinos

    2. Players can deposit funds immediately, securely and discretely

    3. Funds can be transferred quickly (with no fee) to the affiliated casino of their choice

    Hosting platform

    1. A slick, professional and highly-intuitive interface able to conduct the high-speed transactions essential for online gambling

    2. All winnings verified and kept away from third parties

    3. An outstanding user experience far beyond current ethereum-based options

    Whitelabel Casino

    1. Out-of-the-box solution containing all the software needed to start an online casino

    2. Casino operators will have lower overheads and a lower barrier to entry

    3. No third-party interactions means reduced risk of fraud or data breaches

What is an ICO?

An ICO is an ‘Initial Coin Offering’. It’s a way for a new company to raise funds, specifically by issuing units of a cryptocurrency. It’s similar to an IPO (Initial Public Offering) although in the case of an ICO, the investor gets the chance to invest in coins or tokens rather than company shares. The aim is that one day those tokens will have a value or be available to spend on the company’s own purpose-built systems.

Why would I want to invest in an ICO?

Cast your mind back to 2009. If someone told you about a great opportunity to invest in a clever start-up called ‘Uber’, would you have taken the chance? It’s definitely easier to say ‘yes’ with the benefit of hindsight. But an ICO presents smart investors with the opportunity to take a shot and play their part in helping to bring an idea to life.

How big is the market for ICOs?

According to a Fabric Ventures and TokenData report, $5.6 billion was raised worldwide through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in 2017. Base-case estimates suggest the global Blockchain market will reach $60.7 billion in 2024.

Are ICOs legal?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal to invest in an ICO in almost all countries and jurisdictions, although you should note that to date, ICOs are banned in China and South Korea. For more information, it’s worth taking a look at this article from Bitcoin Market Journal.

Why is VWT launching its own ICO?

We’re on our way to becoming the innovation and technology partner of choice for the entire online gaming industry. And we’re inviting investors to play a part in this revolution. The purpose of our ICO is to allow investors to participate in the development of the VWT ecosystem in its early stages, to take a stake in the online gaming industry and to allow online players to play casino games seamlessly.

How can I participate?

It’s simple… Just follow these three steps:

Step 1: Create your own Ethereum wallet

Visit and create a new wallet. It's quite simple, although we suggest you watch this video to get started.

Step 2: Install an Ethereum web application

Install an application called MetaMask into your web browser. When you're done, you can import the files you just downloaded. Once you have your wallet installed into your browser you'll need to copy and paste the wallet address.

Step 3: Let us know your details

When you have your wallet address details, email it to You’ll then be ready to take part in our ICO.

What is the minimum amount of VWT tokens I can buy?

During the VWT private pre-sale, the minimum stake will be 100,000 USD in value. However, if you miss the pre-sale you will be able to purchase tokens from as little as 100 USD and up.

And what's the maximum?

Now you’re talking our language. Here at VWT we love high rollers, but as I’m sure you can appreciate, our process for high-volume investors is much more individual and exclusive. To find out more, email

Can I use other cryptocurrencies to participate in the ICO?

Potentially. If you are lucky enough to be part of the private sale you can use any known cryptocurrency to participate. However, during the public sale we will only be accepting Bitcoin, Ether and Litecoin (rates on the day may change) to buy VWT tokens.

Can I sell my VWT tokens during the ICO?

Afraid not. Due to somewhat delicate and complex tokenomics (economics of the token), VWT will remain the only authorised dealers of the VWT token during the ICO. However, if you wish to sell your tokens at any time after the ICO, please email and we can arrange this.

How does VWT guard against risks for investors?

We have a partnership in place with a cryptocurrency insurance specialist. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong during the ICO, they are authorised to return the value of the tokens purchased back to investors. At VWT, we’re here to bring trust back to the online gaming industry, so you should feel that your money is in safe hands and that we’ll look after you if an issue arises.

Is there a reward for referrals?

Most definitely. If you refer someone to the VWT ICO who then goes on to buy a significant number of tokens, we will be happy to show you our appreciation. To claim a referral reward, email

Once we have all the details from you and the investors you referred, we’ll confirm the amount with you and process your reward. We will aim to do this within a week of you contacting us, but please allow up to a month during periods of high transaction activity.

Can I register my interest in the casino software now?

Definitely. We’re currently looking for casinos to showcase our software. If you are interested in running a casino on our platform, please email and they will be delighted to give you a rundown of our software offering.

Can my organisation join the VoX wallet?

Absolutely! It’s our objective to partner with the world’s best online casinos and betting sites. If you have an existing gaming website would integrate perfectly with the VoX Wallet, send an email to and let’s have a conversation.

I have a question or concern. Who should I contact?

The world of cryptocurrencies is complex and fast-changing. That’s why we have a dedicated legal counsel and work closely with regulators to make sure our ICO meets the highest standards and complies with the spirit of investment regulation. If you wish to raise an issue or have spotted something that you think we need to address, email our legal team at and they will be happy to discuss this with you.

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